Facts and Future

Project “Mobilisation SEAHAWK”

In preparation for the upcoming year 2021 we are planning for a major overhaul of one of our vessels SEAHAWK. In order to safely travel to our island destinations we will have to replace part of the deck and the entire cabin-top. We also need to install a new autopilot, a water-maker and refrigerator. The cost for the entire project is 50,000 NZD or 30,000 Euro. Skilled volunteers will do the work on the vessel. In order to finance the work we are looking for partners who would like to give financially towards this project. Donations are tax-deductible.  If you would like to give go to DONATE

update of Dec 2020

Projekt “Mobilisation SEAHAWK”

Vorbereitend auf das kommende Jahr 2021 planen wir wesentliche Reparaturarbeiten an einem unserer Schiffe, der SEAHAWK.

Um sicher auf den entlegeneren Inseln anzukommen müssen wir ein Teil des Decks und die komplette Abdeckung der Kabine austauschen.

Zusätzlichen müssen wir den Autopiloten, die Seewasseraufbereitung und den Kühlschrank ersetzen und einbauen.

Die geschätzten Kosten für das gesamte Projekt liegen bei 50.000 NZD oder 30.000 €.

Wir haben ausgebildete Freiwillige, die die Arbeit auf dem Schiff durchführen.

Um das Ganze zu finanzieren hoffen wir Partner zu finden, die bereit sind dafür zu spenden. Spenden können abgesetzt werden. Mehr Infos über "Spenden"

update of Dec 2020

Our team in Fiji

Kelepi Dainaki

Director, BELT Fiji

Josiah Diwai

outreach coordinator

Asenaca Ade Kaunavere

outreach coordinator, medical

Kasa Onelala

team member, kids program and boat maintenance

Sisa Vukialau

spiritual oversight and advisor

update of Sep 2019


after fitting a new engine she will most likely engage more in the Northern part of Vanua Levu and then stay in Savusavu until next year.

The year 2020 we want to concentrate on the Lau group exclusively with all our vessels and teams. The plan is to try and have visited evry single inhabited island and share the love of Jesus there by the end of next year.

update of Sep 2019

facts and figures

Islands visited in the last 16 months: 10

Number villages visited with  BELT seminars : 24

Number of BELT participants: 360

Bibles distributed: 900

Miles travelled by sea: approx 2,000nm


update of Sep 2019



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