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Facts and Future

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Project “Mobilisation SEAHAWK”

Several major repairs were done this year like the partial re-building of the cabin-top, sail-repairs, new Bimini and engine repairs. We were also able to do much painting. We are still in need of a new autopilot system, which will help steer the boat on longer voyages. SEAHAWK is currently safely stored in a so-called “hurricane pit” at Vuda Marina, ready to be launched again in April 2022.

update of Dec 2021


Our team in Fiji


Viliame Namua

- team leader and community development

Asenada Kaunavere

–  ships and teams

Jonathan Meissner

– Training schools and BELT

Setareki Ratu

– DBS and BELT

Josaia Dawai


Kelepi Dainaki



update of Mar 2022




Mandolin has had a major interior cosmetic make-over. Together with SEAHAWK she is tied up in Vuda Marina for now. This coming year 2022 she will be our main mode of transport to the Yasawa islands in January and February.

update of Dec 2021


facts and figures

Islands visited in the last 16 months: 10

Number villages visited with  BELT seminars : 24

Number of BELT participants: 360

Bibles distributed: 900

Miles travelled by sea: approx 2,000nm


Due to covid restrictions we were not able to utilize the vessels in 2020 and 2021. The coming year we will be re-deploying the vessels once again


update of Dec 2021

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